Malrotation Awareness

It is our mission to bring Malrotation and the condition, Volvulus, associated with Malrotation to the attention of mothers, fathers, medical professionals and the legislature. It is our mission to implement change in the detection of Malrotation during prenatal care in pregnancy and the detection of Malrotation during infancy. To insure that parents know that their child does or does not have Malrotation.

Malrotation can easily be detected during pregnancy with ultrasound and can also be detected with a standard x-ray. The detection of Malrotation is not costly and can be performed with no added cost in the prenatal care packages provided by insurance companies. If not provided by ultrasound then a standard x-ray during the post natal period or first week of life, before mother and child leave the hospital should be provided to rule out Malrotation.

Please join us and help spread the word about this birth defect, help us to save the lives of children and spare families the unbearable pain of losing a child.

We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to the designer of our website, James Dinsmore, who without him and his effort; this would not have been possible. Thank you James and God bless.


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